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Disaster Recovery

Our comprehensive disaster recovery program encompasses the following areas:

  1. Redundancy and Printing

    • ​​We have several high-speed digital printers that are able to work in tandem, i.e., pick-up where the other leaves off.  All printers are on a continuous preventive maintenance schedule. We utilize a cloud-based, real-time print network for file determination and sharing.   

  2. Communication

    • ​Main communication lines are fiber optic cables capable of transferring data files.

  3. Processing

    • Data processing is currently done on multiple servers that operate as backups. In the event a disaster should destroy all of these servers, our off-site recovery facility in Indianapolis, IN has multiple servers for use while we re-establish our main facility.​

  4. Finishing equipment and supplies

    • ​We have multiple pieces of finishing equipment that are able to complete projects. Supplies are standard off-the-shelf products. Each of our primary vendors guarantees us a 30-day supply of stock, on hold and ready for immediate delivery.

  5. Distribution

    • ​Within a 500-mile radius of Indianapolis, IN, jobs will be delivered by our own salaried personnel. We have multiple backup delivery resources, including an exclusive arrangement with FedEx. If there is a weather emergency that prohibits ground delivery, we will airfreight jobs to the destination. For deliveries outside the 500-mile radius, we use next-day or second-day FedEx.

  6. Data Storage

    • ​Bacompt currently keeps all data files on the network for six months, unless otherwise requested. Network systems and critical programs are backed up daily on a cloud-based site.

  7. Product Inventory

    • ​Bacompt typically maintains a three-month supply of products for use in customer production and fulfillment. Each of our suppliers also guarantees ready-to-ship, pre-positioned inventory for any emergency or spike in volume.

  8. Insurance

    • Insurance certificate provided upon request​

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