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Bacompt provides state-of-the-art inserting and mailing capabilities through Tandem, our contractual partner located at our Indianapolis facility. Tandem is ISO 9001 certified, and as a division of Anthony Wayne Rehabilitation Center, they are the only not-for-profit full-service mail shop in America. They have additional locations across the country, from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri to Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

First Class Mail Presort

We want you to pay as little as possible in mailing fees. Fully integrating our systems with the USPS results in streamlined processes and savings. For our customers, this can mean up to $0.109 less in postage for a one-ounce letter-size envelope.

We also help eliminate wasted postage on returned mail by scrubbing your database through our state-of-the-art, OpteSort mail manager software by NPI. Additionally, our multi-line optical character readers (MLOCRs) automatically barcode and sort both letter-size and flat-size envelopes. By using e-forward technology, the MLOCR reads the delivery address as the mail is processed at speeds of up to 40,000 pieces per hour. If it detects that a change of address has been submitted through the USPS, the MLOCR applies the new address directly above the intelligent mail barcode, resulting in delivery to the new address without delay. You can retrieve an electronic file of all address changes daily to keep your mailing database current.

Mail is entered into the postal stream within 24 hours.

And our sorters are networked together, combining the mail from each sorter into one mailing to achieve greater saturation levels that further increase postage savings.

Intelligent Inserting

Mail insertions have become more targeted and complex. This increases the potential for personal information accidentally being sent to the wrong individual, which could result in identity theft and HIPAA violations. So 100 percent accuracy is crucial throughout the entire inserting operation.

With the latest Bell and Howell IQ system, we can ensure that each envelope has the correct number of intended inserts by validating the data file against what has been printed. As data is received, our proprietary system creates an ICF file that serves as a virtual manifest. Using 2D barcodes, a camera located at the feed, and a second camera located after insertion, the system determines that each recipient’s envelope contains matched content and the correct number of inserted sheets. If the system detects an error, the equipment shuts down, and an operator corrects the insertion. The second camera validates the unique sequence number of each envelope, checking it off from the ICF file and reconciling it to the total. This accountability is traceable and monitored by Supervision.

Our system also provides selective inserting. You can determine which customers get an additional buckslip, flyer, or return envelope, and the same content integrity applies.

Last but not least, all equipment is networked with all information cataloged, allowing for a complete audit trail of every page in every mail piece.

USPS On-site Acceptance

Bacompt has an onsite USPS clerk specifically assigned to us for the purpose of verifying and accepting all mailings. This enables the post office to take possession of mailings — ready for delivery — within our Indianapolis facility, bypassing the handling typically required by one or more postal facilities. This not only speeds mail through the system, but also further ensures the security of your information-sensitive content.

As the USPS develops more comprehensive procedures, we are aggressively moving toward Seamless Acceptance, which further automates the entry and verification of commercial mailings by leveraging electronic documentation, Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMbs), and information collected from handheld sampling devices and mail-processing equipment scans. Currently, Tamdem is participating in a “seamless parallel” process where both the mailer (client) and the USPS can view the results of automated verifications.

Benefits of seamless acceptance include:

  • Shortened mail delivery time, increasing your front-end production cycle

  • Electronic verifications, streamlining processes

  • Auto-finalization, giving you control of postage payment

  • Mailer Scorecard and associated reports, allowing greater feedback and identification of trends

  • Trend-based quality measurements, providing the ability to gauge quality over time rather than a single mailing

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