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Variable Printing and Finishing


At Bacompt, we continually invest in new and better technologies - like our industry-leading Canon VarioPrint iX-Series printers, to offer our customers the highest level of quality, accuracy and speed. We have the most efficient and productive suite of digital printers available. 

The revolutionary Canon Océ VarioPrint i300 color inkjet press is a key part of our variable-print capabilities. With its maximized uptimes and uninterrupted production, we can meet today's demanding SLAs with confidence. Inkjet technology allows Bacompt to print on uncoated stock and provide the type of finish our customers prefer, with high-speed output at lower per page cost. It can print on media up to 13.8" x 19.7" and different papers can be easily loaded within or between jobs.  It consistently delivers impressive production speeds up to 294/194 duplex letter impressions per minute.  

In addition, we utilize the Canon Océ VarioPrint 6320 duplex digital printers. The core low-heat, self-cleaning Océ imaging technology enables direct toner transfer, using a single electrical charge and pressure to push toner into the fibers of the substrate. The result is crisp, high-quality print that will meet the most stringent standards. Productivity output is 9,600 images per hour, and one-pass doubles imaging capabilities doubles output to 119,200 pages per hour.  Nearly, five hundred thousand duplex images per day! 

The Canon VarioPrint iX3200 inkjet color press series revolutionizes the commercial printing experience. The ix3200 color digital press combines stunning image quality, wide media range and cost-efficient pricing.  The iX3200 printer's productivity is unparalleled. With 312 ipm and more than 9,360 4/4 sheet per hour, plus 94% uptime this all-in-one printer can optimize your timeline.  High-quality brochures that blow customers away with color and detail, postcards, direct mail pieces with targeted content, books and more, the iX3200 delivers versatility, speed and quality. We can say YES to any print job you may have!

  • Data driven customer communication

  • Financial Statements

  • Healthcare and insurance enrollment forms

  • Legal notices

  • Marketing collateral, catalogues, postcards

  • Direct mail, and more. 

Our 10 intelligent inserters can individually auto-insert up to 16,000 mailers an hour and up to 40 pages into various envelope sizes, ranging from #10 to 9.5” X 12.5” flat envelopes. We also provide high-speed metering and automated tab, fold, and ink-jet services.

Whatever your variable-data or digital printing requirements, Bacompt has the solution.

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