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As a leader in data manipulation and its application to on-demand, digital printing and mailing, Bacompt™ has refined document processing and taken security to a whole new level. This enables our customers to save costs and enhance revenue by facilitating more timely responses in a highly secure environment.

Our products include:

  • Financial statements and collection letters

  • Healthcare and insurance enrollment forms

  • Tax-related forms and documents

  • Legal notices

  • Voter Registrations

  • University and non-profit solicitation letters

  • Marketing collateral

  • Brochures, Postcards

  • And many other personalized, information-sensitive documents

Supporting Bacompt's high-security processing is a robust array of services that include custom programming, list hygiene, variable-data printing, and barcoding. Our nationwide customer base includes large healthcare networks, collection agencies, and a variety of government agencies at both state and federal levels.

Ready to save time and money on your data driven marketing and printing needs? Contact us now. 

Our History

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Bacompt has a long history in both the on-demand printing and data manipulation arenas.


When we brought the first high-volume laser printer to Indy in 1980, it was still an era of microfiche data processing. But soon we developed electronic scanning capabilities that enabled us to serve as a point-of-sale service bureau to large retail chains. Over the following years, we continued to develop creative applications in variable data, personalization, and barcoding that have served the pharmaceutical, financial, trade, and clinical research industries.

We’ve since expanded our capabilities and have devoted extensive resources to pioneering new digital applications, including cloud-based publishing and document intelligence. All to improve product offerings and assure the highest levels of data security for you.

We are focused on excellence in everything we do and on solving your problems with data driven communications.



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